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Objectifying: The Problem With "Eye Candy"

February 4, 2010

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I don’t think “eye candy” is a phrase we need to be using.    

My accountability partner called me out one time when I was checking in with him.  I had mentioned that many of the girls I was bumping into were “eye candy”.  He encouraged me not to use that term. 


“Eye candy” devalues women – This term may not be as explicit as others, but it puts down women.  It reduces them to objects.  Women are part of God’s creation and need to be valued.   

“Eye candy” dehumanizes – Lust and porn encourage us fantasize, ignore reality and look at women as objects.  Lust doesn’t love or serve it pursues and always seeks to satisfy selfish desires.   

Eye candy” highlights a wrong value we hold – Society and our peers teach that women are objects for our visual pleasure.  Guys are very visual and we are taught it is acceptable to chase after “eye candy”.  These are lies.   

“Eye candy” is an objectifying term – In our purity journey we have to get away from objectifying women.  “Eye candy” puts us back in that territory.   

There are other terms we use for women that could be applied the same ways:   

  • “She’s hot!”
  • “I’d like to [blank] her!”
  • “If I wasn’t a married man, I’d…” 
  • “Look at the [insert body part] on her!”
  • “God knew what He was doing when he made her!” 

 Objectifying women is one of the hardest habits to break out of.  We have to make adjustments like these to redirect the way we think, talk and act. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

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