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How to Watch the SuperBowl and Stay Sexually Pure

February 5, 2010

Millions of us will be watching the Superbowl on Sunday, including many of us who are in sexual addiction recovery.  We are in the middle of the battle for sexual purity to keep our minds, eyes, and hearts pure. 

Let’s face it, the Bud girls will be there, the cheerleaders, the Go Daddy models, and probably a few Victoria Secret type commercials.  We need to prepare for purity  

The Superbowl is no different than any other “event” for the sexual addict.  He needs to be focused, prepare well, and bring in the appropriate support and structure.  

Here are some tips to help you with you game watching: 

  1. DVR the Game – I love my DVR!  I can watch things on delay, pause, and zip past any questionable commercials, movie trailers, or cheerleader routines.   
  2. Watch with a group of Christian friends – Get around people who share your values.  Better yet, watch the game with those who know your story and who want to be pure also.
  3. Don’t watch commercials – This may be a DVR thing, but we can also leave the room, turn our heads, or find something else to distract us. 
  4. Look at a fixed point if something gets triggery – This is a strategy I use at the movies if something turns sexual.  I find a place to look at with my eyes until the scene passes.  It takes some discipline, but it works, and you don’t have to turn your head or leave the room.
  5. Watch with your wife – My wife is a great gauge of what is good and not.  She will say, “Turn your head” and help me with those triggery times.  Wives can be a great ally with the TV watching.
  6. Check-in before and after – If you’re with a normal group of guys that doesn’t care about this, call a friend before and after the game.  Talk about it.  Be in this together.  Your calling a friend shows your seriousness about staying pure. 
  7. Ease off the booze – We get pretty loose when the beer gets flowing.  Our inhibitions and our eye battles loosen too.  Just realize that your alcohol intake can affect your purity battle in many ways. 
  8. Don’t watch – For 6 of you out there, this is for you!  I’m being silly.  But for more than six of us, the TV is extremely triggery.  We may be new to our recovery process, and TV at this stage really isn’t the best thing.  Not watching the game is a guaranteed way to not stumble over the Superbowl.


The point of this, and any event, is think ahead to your situation and prepare for purity.  We can’t eliminate all triggery situations, but you know that the Superbowl will be triggery, so prepare well!

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  1. JeffTN62 permalink
    February 9, 2010 6:44 pm

    I use Make Daddy Lust dot com AKA GoDaddy… for buying domains and renewing them. I think I’m going to fire them for the over generous use of objectifying women. Any suggestions for a alternative site for buying and updating domain names that are reasonable?

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