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6 Keys to Breaking Habitual Sins

February 12, 2010

On Wednesday’s blog, I talked about “Why We Continue to Struggle With Certain Sins?”  Habitual sins.  These are the sins we can’t seem to shake and we are in bondage to. 

Today, I want to share 6 keys to breaking habitual sin. 

A person knows he is broken when he comes to the end of his ability to fix the situation.  It’s very important to understand you are not broken.  Your capacity to fix your habit yourself is broken.  One leads to shame, the other leads to brokenness and surrender. 

I have to come to my end.  It’s the point where you are down at the bottom, look up and tell God, “I’ve Got nothing.”  Broken leads to a very important attitude:  humility. 

We don’t take confession far enough.  For habitual sins, we need to confess to God, but we also need to confess to others.  If something has overpowered us, we need God and we need God working through others

What does it mean to confess?

  • Agree that something is wrong
  • Share the struggle
  • Share the truth about
  • Speak your faults to God and others


We hide our habitual sins.  They have become secrets.  Secrets fester in the dark.  Confession brings it out into the light, where it has no power.

Repentance is changing your behavior or thought.  It is a reboot of your actions and the intent of your heart.  It’s a U-Turn. 

Confession is not enough, it must be followed with action.  Intent must be followed with fulfillment.  

A popular question for those who struggle with sin is:  “How do I know I’ve have repented?”  A short, crisp answer is:  when our hearts and actions carry out the right thing. 

We have to realize that repentance happens regularly for the Christian.  It is a regular, sometimes daily thing.   

But if we go back to our old behavior, did we truly repent?  Possibly.  We can be very genuine, and determined, and begin on the right path, but if we do not continue to walk in repentance, we will fall back into bondage.  If we keep slipping back, something else is at work.  There is something we haven’t covered or worked on.

God’s Word has to fill our lives if we are to truly break free from habitual sin.  We are easily deceived by our own voice.  It is not hard for us to rationalization and minimize our sin. 

We have also believed lies, and wrongful messages.  We need Truth to set us straight.  Some of our beliefs may go long and deep.  We might need a pastor, counselor, or wise person to help us see the truth.   

God’s truth is the only thing that can cut to the core of our souls. 

If we are in the repeat cycle, it is probably because we need other people.  Something is broken that we don’t know how to fix.  God uses His Word to guide us, but He also uses other people. 

So why are we so hesitant to ask for help?  

Pride – We don’t want others to think less of us.   

Love of sin – We don’t want to give up our sin.  We know what others would say about our habits. 

No safe environment – You may not have a safe environment to share.

But we have to go find a safe place to share your struggles.  If you believe God’s truth, you just can’t get around James 5:16.  We need one another for confession, for bearing one another’s burdens, for discipleship. 

Others can help us be accountable for our actions and give us the support we need to help us through habitual sin. 

Two Truisms Of Recovery:

  1.  You are worse off than you think
  2. Your sin is much stronger than you think


Surrender comes when you are broken and at your end. You cannot overcome.  Your strength is tapped and you know it. 

Surrender is a deep calling out to God for His power and strength in an area.  It’s you saying:

  • I give up. 
  • Help me. 
  • I yield to You. 
  • I have nowhere else to go, but you.


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