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Should I Get a Divorce?

February 22, 2010

If the d-word is going through your mind, or getting thrown around in conversations, take a look at this series of articles that were posted recently on Focus on the Family.  Divorce is such a devastating thing for families.  We can be so deceived in thinking that it is an escape and the “easy way” out. 

“Should I Get a Divorce” series by Focus on the Family

 Focus on the Family also has a website specifically for those dealing with the consequences of sexual sin in their lives or marriage.  Check out  It’s a fantastic site with a lot of articles.

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  1. JeffTN62 permalink
    February 24, 2010 4:30 pm

    I caused the terrible pain of my wife finding my secret email account and initial discovery was devastating of my sex addiction. My Wife gave me the chance to find recovery and get the help I needed. She made it clear I had to do certain things to have any hope of her staying- counseling, 12 step, church, accountability, etc.. I might have done it for her to start, but then realized I had to do it for me more so.

    We men live a life of denial, pride, anger, that is so layered on- the Father that never loved us, the women that rejected us we internalized, validation we find, relief from anxiety.. on and on- I was very complicated- but God unraveled me, there is hope!

    If you are a Wife that has been hurt because of a spouse’s sex addiction- find help for you regardless. Get involved in Celebrate Recovery, Christian counseling or another church resource that can stand with you, pray with you. Don’t isolate yourself, find healing and help to deal with the hurt before you decide divorce is the only option.

    The great news is that over time- about 8 months, our marriage turned around and we have the best relationship ever. God turned it around- was it easy- NO… was it worth it YES!

    I’m now a leader in Celebrate Recovery at our Church, our marriage is a testimony and miracle that God can turn things around.

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