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9 Sexual Words You Can’t Say in Church

February 26, 2010

** This is a reprint of an August 3, 2009 Porn to Purity post.  This is one of our favorites.

georgecarlinGeorge Carlin has his famous routine “The Seven Words You Can’t Say on TV”.  (BTW, not endoresed by this blogger)

I got to thinking about nine words we should be able to say in church (in the right setting) that would be helpful to  people with sexual struggles.

1. SEX – God created sex.  Why don’t we talk about it?  Why do we pretend that the Bible doesn’t have guidelines for marriages.  Last time I checked, Song of Solomon was rated “R” and had talked about the pleasure that healthy love and sex is within a marriage.

2.  MASTURBATION – If my preacher would have mentioned this word from the pulpit, I would have been both shocked and relieved.  So many guys and gals struggle here.  Why don’t we talk about masturbation?  Adolescents especially, need to hear good guidelines and sound wisdom to help them with the masturbation issue.

3.  ADULTERY – This is pretty forthright in the Bible.  Why do we use euphemisms for it?  Sex outside of marriage.  Affairs.  Let’s call it what the Bible does.  Let’s say that adultery is wrong, but let’s understand that there are lots of adulterers in the pews.  Say some words to help them be truthful and get right with their

4.  FORNICATION –  We like to say “pre-marital sex” or euphemisms like “hookin up”, “shackin up”, “Gettin Jiggy Wit’ It” or whatever.  Talk openly about fornication.  Don’t be finger-pointers and condemners.  Help people deal with the underlying issues that cause them to feel the need for sex.

5.  ADDICTION – This word does seem to be talked about more, but it’s always the other person.  Or if someone gives a testimony, he talks about how he was once addicted to drugs or alcohol.  Nobody seems to talk about being addicted to sex in our churches.  Nobody seems to be addicted and struggling right now.  Is anybody in our pews or pulpits struggling with sexual addiction?  Start creating a safe environment where these can be talked about and offer some resources.

6.  HOMOSEXUAL (thoughts, behavior) – Many of our churches are good at preaching against homosexuality, and even homosexuals.  God forbid that a preacher or church leader would say, “You know, there are probably many of you that struggle with homosexual thoughts or behaviors.  We want to give you a safe place to seek counsel and healing…” 

ralphiesoap7.  SEXUAL (thoughts, behavior) – If we do talk about sex, we talk about those people out there who do that!  Or we gossip about the lady’s husband in church who “has sexual problems” (hush, hush).    Many of us have sexual thoughts.  Many of us already have a sexual background.  Let’s hear some messages to teach about healthy sexuality and how to find healing where we have struggled.

8.  PORN / PORNOGRAPHY – Again, this is not something that we do, but something those heathen outside the church do.  If over half of the men in the church are looking at porn, why do we pretend?  If and increasing number of women are getting addicted to porn, why do we keep silent and ignorant about this subject?

9.  I NEED HELP! – Wouldn’t your heart be moved if someone was honest enough to say this?  What if your pastor cried out for help?  What if a deacon was struggling with hard life issues and needed help?  We need help more than we realize.  We need the help of others to get through the hard struggles that life has.  We need God’s help.  So let’s swallow our pride and admit that we need help in our church families.

 Q:  What do you think about these 9 words? 
Q:  Are they said in your church?
Q:  What words would you add to the list?
Q:  How can we create better church atmospheres for people struggling with sexual sin?

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