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Who Cares If I’m Authentic or Not?

March 1, 2010

To be healthy, we need to be authentic with others.

Don’t we long for authentic relationships?  Wouldn’t we like to be in a place where can be totally honest with others and feel safe?  Don’t we want our churches to be places where people can come with their messy lives and be accepted?

Question #1:  Do You Value Authenticity?

You may not practice it, but do you want to be authentic?  This is a heart issue.  If you don’t want to be authentic, you are further down the path of destruction than you think.  The rest of this article may not be a help to you.

Valuing authenticity means that you value the truth.  You see being truthful as better than lying. 

Question #2:  Do You Have a Place You Can be Authentic?

Most people would say “no” here.  We have not cultivated relationships where we can be ourselves.  We have a lot of shallow relationships.  Or we have moderately authentic relationships with people, but have not shared our junk.  We may not even have an authentic relationship with our spouses.

Here’s my challenge to you:  If you value authenticity, you must go find a safe place where you can be authentic. 


We talk about the church being a “hospital for sinners”, but do we really believe that?  If that were true, anyone, even the pastor could share their struggles and still be accepted. 

This may not be the case with your church.  It is not the case with a lot of churches.  Churches say that they want an authentic, real, open, honest community.  They build “love people” philosophies into their church vision and mission.  We encourage authenticity from our pulpits and preach the value of it.  But that would mean that even a person with sexual struggles would be able to come and share.

Here’s my challenge to our churches:  If you value authenticity, cultivate a safe environment for people to share their junk… even sexual struggles.

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