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Great Website: Counseling Solutions

March 22, 2010

I love finding websites that have been helpful to me and my recovery journey.  Here’s a great website you need to check out:  Counseling Solutions



In addition to their counseling services, there are several resources you will benefit from.  I am most impressed with their YouTube training videos. 

Weekly eBlasts: A weekly article, blog post or thought for our network of friends to encourage them as they begin their week.


YouTube Training Videos: We are always adding to the number of training videos on our YouTube Channel. They are yours to enjoy. Click YouTube Training Videos to access them.


FREE Electronic Books: Because of the kindness of Sovereign Grace Ministries you now have access to seven free eBooks. They are downloadable as PDF docs. Some of the titles are How Can I Change? – The Rich Single Life – This Great Salvation – Why Small Groups – Disciplines For Life and more. Simply click this link to access the free books: eBooks!

  1. How Can I Change? – Solid treatment on how to counsel someone.
  2. Why Small Groups? – Excellent treatment on how to participate in small group life.
  3. Disciplines for Life – Very practical book on varied disciplines for holiness.
  4. The Rich Single Life – Helpful book for those who are single.
  5. This Great Salvation – Solid explanation of the doctrine of salvation.


FREE Blog Subscription: you can subscribe to Counseling Solutions weblog and receive over 400 articles every year. At least one short piece of counseling advice, thought, practice and help is published each day that can come right to you inbox. Everything Rick has thought regarding counseling is being published on our blog or left at Counseling Solution Resources. These articles are for you!


I like their articles because they are short (250-500 words), interesting, and come from a deep well of experience.  They usually explore issues from many different angles.  It stretches my thinking.  They do occasionally have series on pornography and its affect on the marriage, but here are some good examples of recent articles you might want to explore: 


Posts in the “Modesty Series”

  1. Too Much Skin, Girl. Too Much Skin 1.0
  2. When Modesty Becomes Odd 2.0
  3. When Modesty Becomes Excessive 3.0
  4. An Appeal to Dads: Lead Your Girls 4.0
  5. You Can’t Really Wear Church Clothes – 2.0

Posts in the “Too Much” Series

  1. Too Much Church, Daddy. Too Much Church
  2. Too Many Bible Studies, Pastor. Too Many Bible Studies, 1.0
  3. Too Much Skin, Girl. Too Much Skin 1.0
  4. Too Much Production, Worship Leader. Too Much Production


Marsha and I love to pass along good websites and resources that will help others in sexual recovery. 

If you have a website or go to one that has been a great resource, let us know.  Leave a comment on the blog, or email us privately at

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