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Two Phenomenal Recovery Questions That Will Save You $100

March 25, 2010

 I want to save you $100 right now!   

My counselor, Dr. Jerry Lankford, is fantastic and would love your business.  But when I encounter new challenges to my recovery and new wounds he always seems to come back to two key questions he wants me to ask: 

1.  God, what are your teaching me?  

2.  God, what’s the truth of my situation?   

The recovery process brings some of the most challenging situations to the forefront.  You are confronted with the truth of your self.  Many of your relationships are struggling with trust and anger issues.  You are experiencing a wide range of emotions, among them:  shock, grief, fear, loneliness, anger, hopelessness and despair.  You are uncovering wounds you didn’t know you had, and feeling new levels of pain.  You struggle to find the support you need and don’t always know what the next step should be.   

These two questions are important to keep asking yourself.   

In the middle of recovery, it’s easy to lose track of the “Big Picture”.  God has allowed you to get found out and for this pain to come for His divine reasons.  Our hearts have not been fully devoted to Him and He is now trying to help us get to a better place.   

Q:  What is that better place? 

A:  How can we know without talking to God about it? 

If you have a tough new circumstance, failure, pain, or a wound, talk to God about it.  Ask this key question.  Involve God in it and give Him room and time to speak.   

We believe a lot of lies about our recovery and about our circumstances.  When our circumstances get tough and the emotions get flying, we lose sight of the truth of our situation.  Emotional reactions are not often based on facts, but on the way we feel.  Many times the truth of our situation is much different from how we feel. 

  • I’m worthless.
  • My situation is hopeless.
  • I’m all alone. 
  • God doesn’t care about me.
  • My spouse is better off with someone else. 
  • My marriage is over.
  • I’ll never be able to be free of my sexual behaviors.
  • I’ll never be able to change. 
  • The pain is too great to deal with.
  • It’s easier to go back to the way I was. 


God knows exactly what’s going on in your life, and He knows the truth.  Ask Him. 

God also works through others:  mature friends, ministers, counselors, your support group.  Share your struggle and your feelings with them.  Let them help you separate truth from lies. 


Q:  What other great things have you heard from your counselor that would save us a $100 counseling session?

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