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Podcasts: How to Deal With Slips and Relapses

March 28, 2010

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Everyone in sexual addiction recovery will have SLIPS.  Some will have RELAPSES.  We need to know how to deal with each and how to prevent them. 

This week on the 104 Podcast:  Top Tips For Sexual Purity, I share some top tips on how to deal with slips and relapses.  

The links to download and listen to the shows are below. 

Episode 058 
How to Deal With Slips

Episode 059
How to Deal With Relapses




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One Comment
  1. JeffTN62 permalink
    March 28, 2010 10:36 am

    Really great podcasts on remembering to have a battle plan- I think if we have any length of sobriety we get lulled into thinking .. everything is just OK.. life is good till we run across something new or old that could be temptation. I think those occasions are learning tools to be stronger in our recovery. BUT with Summer soon approaching there will be more opportunity for lust and sex triggers on traveling and vacation- movie channels in hotel rooms, being at the beach, swimming pool, visiting relatives or park on how to guard your self.

    Don’t forget to use H A L T- Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired if you come home late at night, you might have to realize you just can’t turn on the TV if alone (that is for me!) as it might trigger you if yourv tired. Or if your hungry and that makes you angry that stress could trigger you. I think Isolation is one of the biggest tools of satan to get us to relapse to feel that no one cares about us, that were not making progress and we have no purpose. Our loneliness makes us have wrong thinking and a message like a movie plays this negative message in our head over and over- of messages such as – your a failure, your worthless, why try.. Don’t buy it, your valued in Jesus and he loves you and died just for you and me.

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