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42 Blog Posts We'd Like to See on

March 29, 2010

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  1. What I learned from my counselor that was HUGE.  
  2. What I learned from my Group this week was HUGE.
  3. The Best Recovery Book I’ve Ever Read (review)
  4. Moving from Isolation to Healthy Relationships
  5. Moving from Sexually Social to Healthy Relationships
  6. What I learned from losing my job because of porn
  7. How God changed my impossible recovery situation
  8. How I am healing from an affair
  9. How I am finding victory over masturbation
  10. How I am finding victory in my fantasy life
  11. How I am finding victory over objectifying women
  12. The Dangers of Chat Rooms (how I’m staying pure)
  13. Ways I’m working on my wounds
  14. Ways I’m healing from my anger
  15. What is good accountability?
  16. What is a good support group look like?
  17. What does a bad support group look like?
  18. I’m a minister, and I’m in recovery.
  19. The Best Recovery Website I’ve Ever Been to (review)
  20. The Best Recovery Podcast I’ve Ever Listened to (review)
  21. How I got though the Crisis Stage
  22. How My Church Helped Me in My Recovery
  23. My Celebrate Recovery Program is awesome, because…
  24. What I’m learning about intimacy.
  25. How I am healing from my sexual past
  26. How I am dealing with the consequences
  27. My spouse and I separated, now what do I do?
  28. My spouse and I divorced, now what do I do?
  29. How I’m working on my identity issues. 
  30. The best recovery [verse, chapter] in the Bible and why
  31. Why you need to have wise people in your life
  32. How to find an accountability partner
  33. How I’m developing new, healthy habits
  34. Facing the pain of sexual addiction
  35. Help for those who have Love Addictions
  36. I went to a Live-In program and here’s what I learned
  37. I went to an Intensive Counseling program and here’s what I learned
  38. Lies I believed about myself and my addiction
  39. Anniversaries:  How I dealt with an anniversary of my addiction
  40. How do deal with depression in recovery
  41. Tips for staying pure at work
  42. Tips for staying pure on my work computer

Today and tomorrow, we want to invite you to be a guest blogger on Porn to  Here are some topics we’d love to see on our blog or see more of. 

Wanna take a stab at writing a blog?   Look through these topics, pick one, and drop us an email at

  1. March 30, 2010 10:46 am

    ill be hitting you up sometime soon for that guest blogger thing. keep praying for us as we are in the final prep before iraq.



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