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How Bad Alone Time Feeds Addiction

April 27, 2010

Good recovery means having good relationships and good alone time.

On yesterday’s blog I talked about “How Bad Relationships Feed Addiction”.   Relationships can help heal us or feed our addiction. 


Beware of bad alone time!  Secrets hide in alone time.  We can control our environment in alone time.  We can act out sexually in alone time.  

Beware of getting alone to feed the wrong things.

  • Time on the Internet
  • Time with pornographic mags & movies
  • Isolating ourselves from other people
  • Running away from our hurts and from our relationships
  • Busying ourselves with anything that sucks our creativity



“But I’m a loner.”, some would say. 
“I’m an introvert.” 
“I need my alone time so I can refresh, regroup, and be creative. “

The lie about alone time is:  I am designed to be alone.

God has created us to connect with others.  We may enjoy being alone.  But don’t think that you are created to naturally be alone. 

Many of us are socially awkward.  We don’t have much experience with relationships.  That’s not being introverted.  That’s being socially, emotionally and relationally immature. 

  • Addicts like to be alone so they can act out. 
  • Addicts like to be alone because they can hide their secrets. 
  • Addicts like to be alone because they don’t have to be accountable to others. 
  • Addicts like to be alone because they don’t feel rejection. 
  • Addicts like to be alone so they won’t have to feel the pain. 
  • Addicts like to be alone so they can be in control.

** Pause for 10 more seconds. 
Q:  How’s your alone time doing? 
Q:  Is it feeding your addiction or helping you heal?

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