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Recovery is All About Jesus

April 28, 2010

Marsha and I just got back from the Pure Life Ministries 2010 Conference near Cincinnati, OH.  We’re sharing things we learned and helping you connect with their abundance of resources. 

Pure Life Ministries takes an “all about Jesus” approach to sexual addiction recovery.  Jesus is all that is needed to overcome addiction, they would say.  Jesus is the only one who can free us from the bondage of sexual sin.  Enter into a relationship with Jesus and let Him help you from the inside out. 

Some phrases I hear from Pure Life are:

  • Get more of Jesus
  • Make God large in your life
  • It’s all about Jesus


Marsha and I don’t think we ever heard the word “addiction” during our time at the Pure Life conference.  Words they used instead:

Sexual Sin

Sexual Bondage

Interesting!  We believe it was because of the association with the word “addiction” and secular counseling methodology. 

The folks at Pure Life Ministries also want to call sexual addiction what the bible calls it:  sin and bondage. 

A key concept I learned from Steve Gallagher’s book “A Biblical Guide to Counseling the Sexual Addict” is that those struggling with sexual sin need discipleship.  They need to first, become a disciple of Jesus, then secondly, become a disciple of others who are more experienced in their Christian walks. 

We need to be students of others.  We don’t understand how to get through a sexual addiction and how to work on our marriage, so get around others that do. 

A simple concept that keeps the focus on Christ. 

I like that Pure Life Ministries keeps the focus on Christ.  Christ is at the center of our sexual purity and recovery.  Christ is the only one who can deal with the deep stuff. 

I need to constantly be reminded how little I know, and how much God knows about recovery.

Even though I believe that Jesus is the ultimate solution to sexual addiction, I believe He can use many different tools to help us find healing.  I think we can benefit from those who understand addiction and who aren’t necessarily Christian.  I don’t put all of my eggs in the baskets, but I think some of their resources and thoughts can be valuable. 

Tomorrow, I’ll share more thoughts and resources from Pure Life Ministries.

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