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Great Podcast: Purity For Life

April 29, 2010

I’m a fan of sexual addiction recovery podcasts.  There are many podcasts on our resources list, including our own Top Tips For Sexual Purity and The Porn to Purity Podcast. 

Pure Life Ministries has a podcast called Purity For Life you’ll want to check out.

The Purity For Life podcasts are each 30 minutes long.  They are very well done and follow a magazine format (meaning they have several different topics per show).  Mike Johnston has a background has a background in radio and does a very good job interviewing directors and counselors from Pure Life Ministries about topics that relate to sexual recovery and purity. 

Men recovering from sexual.  This is the heartbeat of the ministry and the focus of their live-in program. 

Wives of sexual addicts will benefit from this podcast.  Kathy Gallagher and Rose Colon do a great job of speaking directly to hurting wives. 

Pastors and counselors will find this podcast to be incredibly helpful. 

Many purity podcasts deal exclusively with sexual addiction recovery and / or sexual purity.  Purity For Life approaches purity in a much broader way.  Steve Gallagher will often come on the show and talk about the importance of all of us being pure before God and living separate from the world. 

I’ve learned from these podcasts that the purity I need to have goes way beyond my sexual addiction recovery.  Sexual purity is only one type of purity. 

It’s a unique emphasis, you won’t find on any other sexual purity podcast. 

Link to the Purity For Life on I-Tunes

Link to the Purity For Life main page

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