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The Book of Job and Sexual Struggles

April 29, 2010

Marsha and I are sharing insights from the Pure Life Ministries 2010 Conference we went to this past weekend. 

Several of the teaching sessions were from the Book of Job. 

Have you read the book of Job lately?  It has some great helps to us when it comes to our struggles and our recovery from sexual struggles. 
Job Was a Righteous Man – He followed God.  He was devoted to God.  He led his family to love and honor God.
Job Was Shaken – He had a lot taken away from him.  His animals, his children, his housing, his health.  He experienced an incredible amount of loss.
His Wife Lost It – The shaking was too much for Job’s wife.  She snapped and encouraged her husband to “Curse God and die!”  To her, God was punishing him.  She believed the lies that God was unfair and death was a better solution. 
Job Had A Lot of Questions – Job didn’t sit there and “praise the Lord” the whole time.  He had tons of questions.  He didn’t understand.  He wanted to know why a good God would do these type of things. 
Jeff Colon did a fantastic job at the conference reminding us of three key points:

  1. God wants to bring us down – We are way too high.  We think way too much of ourselves.  We need to humble ourselves or be humbled.  Sometimes the shaking that comes to our lives is designed to remind us that He is God and we are not. 
  2. God wants to increase our faith – We’re going to need greater faith for the things that we are going through.  The only way to increase our faith is through suffering.  We need to learn to have a deeper trust in God, that’s part of the reason for our trials. 
  3. God wants to bring an increase to others – God wants us to grow so we can bless others.  The point of Job is not Job’s blessings were doubled.  It’s that God was glorified and Job was able to bless others and better represent God.  God definitely had blessings for Job, but it was more about what God wanted to do through him. 

It’s amazing how God can use the struggles of one of the heroes of the faith to encourage us today.

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