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What is This Blog About?

Jeff and Marsha are husband and wife and have been married for 12 years.  Within the last 2 years, they have taken seriously Jeff’s struggles with pornography and sexual sin.  They have been finding healing and God’s grace and power to work on their marriage.  Jeff has been finding his way to purity and the wholeness that God intends.  

This blog is meant to be a journal of our experiences and struggles.  It is meant to be a place of encouragement for those struggling with sexual sin.  It is meant to be a resource for those who do not know where to go or what to do once sexual sin in one’s life and/or marriage is revealed.

Jeff and Marsha have a ministry background, but they are not licensed counselors.  They have not “arrived” in any way.  They still have challenges, struggles, and hurts.  They just want to say through this blog that, with God’s help, you can find your way out of porn and into a life that is pure, full of hope, healing, and restoration.

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