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May 11, 2010 is getting an extreme makeover!  We love it! 

We are working on making our site better, easier to navigate, and great place for you to go to find resources, hope and encouragement as you deal with sexual struggles.  

Very soon, all traffic from will be diverted over to

At the new you’ll find four main sections:

  1.  Start Here – This section is for new visitors to the site and those new to sexual crisis in their life or marriage. 
  2. Blog – Our Porn to Purity Blog will be here.  We put out fresh content 3-5x week.  Things we are learning in our recovery, resources we are discovering, and interactions with those in recovery.
  3. Podcasts – This will be come the hub for the Porn to Purity Podcast and the Top Tips For Sexual Purity Podcast.  Here you can subscribe to our podcasts, see an index of the episodes, and read the shownotes from our episodes.  We also have an extensive list of podcasts that will help you in your recovery. 
  4. Resources – This section has had the biggest overhaul.  We have discovered tons of resources to help you in recovery.  Here’s where you can find books, websites, ministries, and counseling resources with summaries of most of the resources. 

I’ll share more of the features of the new site as we bring them online.  

Thanks to Our Design Team!

Web Design:  P.G. over at

Logo Design:  Dene Morgan of Upstream Christian Designs

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