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Like a Loaded Gun: Fearing Sexual Impurity

December 16, 2009

The first time I held a loaded gun I was with my friend Bub in Texas.  Yes, Bub!  He was a gun collector and anxious to show me his collection.  We set up in his backyard.  We used cans, and bottles for targets and tried out several handguns and semi-automatic weapons.  Bub gave me a quick safety lesson on handling a gun and we were off shooting. 

I remember thinking, “I could point this at a person and kill him.”  It was a dreadful thought. 

I had great fear and respect for the gun.  I knew it was a powerful force and had to treat it with care.

This story reminds me of our battle with pornography and with sexual addiction.  We need to develop a godly fear for the things that are unholy and will destroy our life and marriages. 

  • Premarital sex
  • Adultery
  • Internet clicks to sensual sites
  • Porn magazines
  • Flirty relationships at work
  • Touching someone inappropriately

These are like loaded guns pointing at us.  Guaranteed destruction will happens to us when we go down these paths.   

Maybe you’ve engaged in some of these sexual behaviors.  You’ve probably lost a sense of seriousness about them.  You probably have a numbness to God’s voice.  You might even think that these are OK, or you’re somehow entitled.  

Pray for God to give you a sensitive heart again.  Pray that He will help you to fear these behaviors and their consequences.  Pray that He will keep you aware of the truth of sexual impurity.

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