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Great Blog: The Spouse’s Blog at Every Man’s

May 6, 2010

Have you ever checked out Every Man’s

Did you know they have great blogs for men, teens, parents, pastors,  and spouses

Justine T. writes content for the Spouse’s blog and has  just published a blog called “10 Things Wives Need to Know”.  I want to point you over to the site. 

Here are the main points in her article.  Spouses of husbands with sex addiction will be very encouraged by the article, and challenged.  

  1. It’s Not About You
  2. Porn and lust were there first 
  3. You can’t control the situation…or him 
  4. He has to want to change 
  5.  Perfection will not happen. Don’t expect it
  6. It’s not about getting even 
  7.  He is responsible for his actions…as you are for yours 
  8.  His actions don’t determine your trust 
  9.  He’s a victim, too 
  10.  It will be hard

Link to the article:  HERE

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